BLEUBIRD - sold out -
sloppy doctor

The vinyl-version of his amazing "sloppy doctor" album feat. Sole & Alias (Anticon).Rough electronically-influenced sounds...

+ the vinyl BONUS song from SWASH BUCKLING NAPOLEONS ( BLEUBIRD and THESIS) "fresh tigers"
A Vinylkingz / Endemic production in co-operation with subversiv*rec.

Limited Edition 500


A1: welcome to my fuck
A2: cry baby crunk
A3: living through others
A4: cartoon love bubbles
A5: when happening
B1: another super mario cart ... feat. SOLE
B2: two beats + a bikini
B3: abrasive love
B4: i wish i was bob dylan
C1: trooth redeux feat SIGN ONE
C2: bobmalisdada prod. by ALIAS
C3: pre-fab housing
C4: the boogieman s creams like a girl
D1: emp pervert
D2: dark dirty places
D3: we the bomb

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