BUSDRIVER / NEILA - sold out-
split 10"

Neila born somewhere in the Nebula after 1995
in a duel between nothing in this book is true...
and Poe's Tales of Darkness. Today is a scripture
out of Lady Sings the Blues and BigBrother Magazine. Hawaii, Arizona, and California...

Out of the legendary Project Blowed crew,
Busdriver has carved a niche in underground
hiphop with unique performance and freestyle skills that combine elements of vocal jazz, theatrics, spoken word, and machine precision with witty and incisive free association lyrics. A frequent collaborator with many of Los Angeles' hiphop elite, Busdriver has worked with Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Mikah-9, 2Mex, Xololanxinxo,Fat Jack, Daddy Kev, Paris Zax, and Omid. His releases for Celestial, Massmen, and Afterlife...

Omid's music is best described as diverse and unpredictable, influenced by any and everything he hears and wishes to share with the listener.

>> Neila and Omid
A1 " Operating Instruction s"
A2. "instrumental"

>> Bus Driver and Omid
B1 " Smart Buyer "
B2 "Instrumental"