OFFBEATS - available -
compilation vol.2.0

Two years after the oustanding first Offbeats Compilation featuring artists like Buck65, Sixtoo and others the long-awaited part 2.1 is landed.

This sequel also presents intelligent and experimentalsounds with various influences and without any genre-limitations or neglecting the HipHop-roots...

This compilation presents the whole range of abstract HipHop from organic to electronical/rough sounds.

This compilation was compiled and mastered by Xndl (Subversiv*Rec) and the artwork was done by Chojin [Dosenorganismus/Moonstruck).

limited edition digi-pack...

Please visit the websites of these artists, check them out and if you like their music,
buy their stuff! That´s the only way to support them. Most of their releases are also available
at Vinylkingz records or the Offbeat Mailorder . We try to get most of their stuff within the next
weeks to make it easier for you.

01.JOHN TSUNAM - dead pilot
02.THE ESCAPE ARTISTS - tasteless tongues
03.MYN DWUN - money is obsolete
04.JOSH MARTINEZ - bless
05.CAVEMEN SPEAK - brothers in life
06.Dday_One feat. AWOL ONE, SUBTITLE, EXISTEREO, METFLY - unstable material
07.ID OBELUS - m.c. trustworthy
08.NOMAR SLEVIK + K-THE-??? & JD WALKER - society
10.BRZOWSKI - settling for less
11.RAJIBOT - cardon sanitiare
12. IAMI - shiz maze
13. SECOND FRONT - so go home *
14. MNEMOTRAUMA - wachsfigurenkabinett*
15. DJ SCIENTIST - raincoatman*
16. XNDL - payne*
17.DANI GÖLDIN & BIT TUNER - song for Josh*
18.SODA (Scheiterhaufen) - elektrometronom*

* CD-version only
>> John Tsunam
>> Escape Artists
>> Myn Dwun
>> Josh Martinez
>> Shadowanimals
>> Dday_One
>> Id Obelus
>> Nomar Slevik
>> Rushya
>> Brzowski / Raygunomics
>> IamI
>> Mnemotrauma
>> DJ Scientist