GUNPORN - available -
pretty, pretty, please

Founded Summer 2004 as an international project for experimenting with different kind of sounds in combination with raps..

Members: Bleubird (Endemik music, known for his numerous appearances with artists like Sole/Anticon) , Siaz & Nomad (Shadowanimals), Marcus (Sideshow Recordings and member of Stacs of Stamina) on the mics + Xndl(Subversiv*Rec/Offbeaters) as producer.Gunporn represents strictly electronical and rough sounds with various influences from EBM/Industrial or even D&B/Downbeat.The whole spectrum of Elektronika. Their first album "pretty, pretty, please" was recorded in a few days, in 3 countries and without ever beeing in one room together...

The album is available on CD (Shadowarchives) and Vinyl (Subversiv*rec). Another co-operation of two independent labels.

Strictly limited vinyl-edition. 500 worldwide.

01. Sun up, gun down
02. Rappity Rap Rap
03. Pretty, Pretty, Please
04. Deaf people dance
05.Sandcastle carnage
07. My cunt tree tis of thee
08.What happened to your neck? *
09. It´s funny cus it´s true
10. Safe and away
11. U get on my tits

* Bonus Track, CD only