THE WORLD AFTER 4/02 - available -
vikings and waffles

Who are they?
The incredible Marcus from stacs of stamina (SWE) and the unobtainable Tom from cavemen speak ...
The World after 4/02 was formed in december of 2002, right before American attacks in Iraq,
right before Sarsvirus striked old folks and way before Johnny Cash died. It all started right there with
those few dope live shows from stacs and cavemen during these cold winter days and developed from
doing one song on cavemen speaks' shadowanimals-solos release to a serious
fullgrown way of handling things.Strictly limited vinyl-edition. 500 worldwide.
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01 Scratching butterflywings
02 Metropolite
03 Vkings & waffles
04 Did Your Mom Wash My Clothes ?
05 4star Treehouse Marcus & Tom For City Hall ! marcus & tom for cityhall
06 Strangelove
07 Take the bullettrain or die trying
08 Naturesong
09 Tumbleweed
10 A remix of that first song we did